Saying Goodbye to Ol’ Blue

Hi, welcome back! So, back on May 1st, 2021 we said farewell to our dear and beloved 1995 Jeep Cherokee, Ol’ Blue. We had just finished 4 days on the Mojave Trail that March, which Ol’ Blue completed without any problems. And we weren’t expecting any problems, we knew her trail capabilities were top notch! […]

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Riding ALL the Roads!

Hey, everybody, welcome back. Like always, it is truly appreciated. So….I’m going to go ahead and jump right in to this post…ok? Right on…here we go. I’ve wanted a bike like this for quite some time. You know, a bicycle with real “low trail” geometry. I’ve decided not to dive into the deep rabbit hole […]

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The Perfect Mountain Bike!?

Hi! Welcome back and thanks for returning! I am pretty excited about this post because there is a really good chance that we will be talking about the fact that I have built myself what I would consider to be the perfect mountain bike. Or, dare I say….the perfect bicycle (for me at least). Period. […]

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Jumping Forward to go Back!

Hey there faithful readers. Sorry (again) for the continued absence from writing…life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I guess, maybe I should just quit promising any regularity in my posting of the golden wisdom that comes from these here fingertips….yeah? OK, deal. From now on, I will post when I post. […]

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My Black Middlechild…

Hey you nutty bike lovers, welcome back. Thanks for stopping by for a read. It is always appreciated. Seriously, high five! 😀 Some of you may or may not remember, but a few years ago I wrote a piece about wanting to change the way I rode my bikes? I wanted to slow down and […]

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I guess it was time…and I agree!

Hey everyone. Sorry for missing a post last month. I guess I am two behind now. Well, one behind. Kinda two…but really just one. OK wait. So this month, which technically isn’t over yet, but honestly, I probably won’t be able to get to another one this month…at least I don’t think so….so, really one […]

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Until Reno, Old Friend…

The crash site is always what people remember. The wreck is an ugly scene, but no one can stop staring. Everybody is trying but can’t bring themselves to look away. They remember the carnage that came as a result of being careless, or indifferent. It’s hard to get past the current wreckage and look back […]

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