Some of the Best People I Know Pedaled into My Life…



Bikes and bike people.

Two of my favorite things.

That, and hand-built, lugged, steel frames….but that’s another post all together.

20180419_144102 (1)

This wonderful bicycle industry that I am fortunate enough to work in, is small. It’s very small. Especially when compared to other industries. Everybody seems to know everyone else. Let me tell you a fact…it is chocked full of some of the best humans I have ever known.


Honest. Hard working. Passionate. Talented. Crazy. Focused. Strong. Creative. These are just some of the words I can use to describe these fascinating people. Like me, most of ’em are, without apology, absolute freaks about the bicycle.

Bike nerds.

The bicycle is the glue that bonds us, it’s the common ground for all of us to stand on. I believe 99% of us love to be this industry. And there is so much power in that…in that like-mindedness…like, change the world kind o’ power.


Lifelong relationships are forged in this industry. This might be the case in other industries as well…but I don’t know squat about “other” industries…so, we won’t address that here. OK? Cool.

Anywho, back to the bike industry.


It’s really, pretty magical. Every trade show, race, get together and group ride is a reunion of this family I became a part of back in 1995. It is these gatherings where we are reminded how special each of us are. Reminded of our strengths, weaknesses, where we need to improve and where we stand in our current position….all without judgement from our peers.


And all though I don’t see a lot of you but a few times a year, I hold all of you very close and dear to my heart. When we see each other we start right where we left off. And that’s pretty amazing….all through the love of the bicycle. Wow.

I guess I just wanted to say cheers to the bicycle lovers….all of you. Both in and out of the industry. I wanted to lift my hand off the handle bar and wave to you as you pass. Raise a frothy pint of brew to you, and to your style of riding. Nod my head to your discipline of choice and your efforts being put forth. The thinkers, tinkerers, the inventors, the enthusiasts, the pros, the amateurs, the shop guys, the wrenches, the game changers, the fellow retro-grouches…all of you!

We are, after all, in this together. 


I don’t want to ostracize anybody though…you don’t have to be in the bike industry to be a freak about bikes, and to see the bicycle’s true potential on a global front. I mean, if you ride bikes, or better yet, if you ride bikes with friends that are as nuts for the bicycle as you are…there isn’t much better than that. The conversation, the comradery, the mutual love for the bicycle and all of it’s culture. With that love, nay obsession with the bicycle, comes the ability to “geek out” harmoniously on components, weights, colors, purple anno, brands…whatever! The best part? This “geek-out” session could sometimes go on for hours before you realize it’s even happening. It can even go on for decades and become what you do for a living. 

That’s pretty awesome. Don’t ya think? 

Well, that’s all I have to say about that…

Thanks for reading, see ya next time! 🙂




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