Goodbye Baxter

Well, it seems that 2022 will have me putting off writing about any type of bike fun and frolicking, and instead, is insisting I write about pain and loss. First my dad, and now my sweet pup Baxter.

I dunno…I don’t make the rules….but let’s hope this is the last of these types of posts…at least for a long while.

So, like I mentioned above, our family lost one of our two amazing dogs this last Sunday the 13th. And I just want to write about him. His name was Baxter. And he was an amazing little dog. He was a Cairn Terrier. He was a stout, tough, sturdy, strong, tenacious, smart, conniving, sweet, stubborn, cuddle-bug…and the epitome of an alpha male. And he was loved so much. And in turn, loved his whole family…but really loving two members of the family the most…my wife Maria, and our youngest son, Bryce (Baxter’s puppy).

He was the absolute perfect dog for our crazy family.

He was only 11 years young when he passed. This breed has a usual life span of 18 years. So, his sudden turn for the worse was a real shocker. He was acting perfectly normal on the morning of his passing. What caused his demise later that afternoon, was sudden and irreversible. We had no choice but to say goodbye. He was loved so much and will be sorely missed, never forgotten and never replaced. Our family is completely and utterly heartbroken.

There really isn’t much else to say about this, and it is painful to write about…so instead, here are some of my favorite pictures of Baxter Frazelle.

Please enjoy them, they are full of his personality.

Baxter and mama..he loved being in the car!
Baby Baxter
More baby Baxter
Loving his Alpha
Helping with my homework. 🙂
He loved his Brycie
Smile buddy!

We are still shocked as a family. The house seems so different and quiet. Leaving and coming home as well as just waking up and walking through the house while going through our days feels strange and empty.

I personally have lost loved ones before…my mother and father, uncle and all of my grandparents…none of those experiences feel like this pain.

All we can do is move on and hope that time eventually dulls the sharp edge of pain we all feel. We need to try to help Sam, our other dog feel comfortable in his new role of being the sole dog in the house…he’s grieving as well.

Rest In Peace sweet boy.

Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Baxter

  1. Ron, that must have been hard to write but I hope it helps in your search for closure. He does look like an amazing companion.


  2. Hi Ron, I’m very sorry for your loss of your buddy Baxter. We have a dog that is in the latter stages of life, it will be hard when she goes. It makes me think at my age that I’m not sure that I’ll want to invest the emotions of a new dog. I can’t handle the end. Thanks for sharing these last two posts about your dog and your Dad. Takes hard thoughts to lay them out here for public consideration. Complicated business. I was lucky with my Dad, It has always been a chance for me to step it up and match his role model of being a good father to my kids. Anyway, thanks for sharing. we’ll get back to the business of riding bikes and swapping stories about that.
    Jim Bangs


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