…But this One Goes To Eleven…

So funny, right? That iconic phrase that Nigel Tufnel spews to Rob Reiner’s character, Marty DiBergi during an interview about his custom Marshall amp. Remember? Nigel is so proud of the fact that every other musician’s amp only goes to “10” while his have that extra something, that little push and go to “11”…You know […]

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29″ + 3.0″ = fun²

Hi, again. So I did it. I kinda, well…not really kinda, I just did it, OK? I gave in to a market trend. I was going to say that it’s not really a trend to kind of save me from eating crow, but it really is. Although, in my defense, I think it has way […]

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Well, Hello My Friends…

Well, here we are again with another blog post. I really should be doing this way more often. Just sayin’. Plus I like it…it’s fun. OK, cue one of the following tunes…Back in The Saddle (Areosmith), Back in Black (AC/DC) or Back in The USSR (The Beatles)…I’m sure there are more songs with this theme, […]

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The Contrarian…

I don’t “hate”. At least I try not to use that word very much. I used to use it a lot in varying ways. But I was a bit angrier back in the day. Now, “dis-like”?… yeah, I do that quite a bit. So much so, that some people may think that I oppose popular […]

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Is It Always About The Bike?

No, not always. Shit happens in your life, sometimes unrelated to the bicycle. I know we (at least I) try to have as much as possible in my life relate to or revolve around the bike. Crap gets in the way…but still, even when it isn’t about the bike, I am thinking about the bike and […]

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Wow! My last post huh? Boy, it really ruffled some feathers. I was going to write a softer, more apologetic post addressing what was written in the last post. But you know what? I’m not going to. It was just my opinion people. It’s not etched in stone. And I wasn’t trying to be an […]

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I am not much of a weight weenie. That is to say, that when buying gear for my bicycles, weight is not a major player in the decision making process. It used to be, but it’s not anymore. I never really counted, or obsessed over grams or ounces, but if I could afford (which I […]

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